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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the 54th AGM of Kosra. It is interesting to note that the ANC had their 54th Conference last weekend.

Council matters

I think you will have noticed that Ndlambe has been working in Kenton. River road has been completed, a few roads have been slurried and I understand that that this will be done on an on-going basis. Mike Peters, a civil engineer, has offered to advise the municipality in order to make this process more effective.

The lawns in and around Kenton have been well maintained during the year.

Household waste and skips have been taken to Port Alfred and in general this process is working well. Re-cycling is working to a degree. Unfortunately, the government funding for this initiative has dried up and on current volumes will not sustain this project. Will you all please re-cycle into clear bags and encourage your friends to do the same. This is not only the right thing to do but it substantially reduces the amount of waste that has to be sent through to Port Alfred.

Garden refuse is being handled by an initiative in the industrial site supported by Ndlambe and Wot compost on the R343. Once again I ask you please to support these initiatives by buying compost not only to make them sustainable but also to make place for new material.

The one area that Ndlambe is failing miserably is the management of builders’ rubble. Builders are depositing rubble all over Ekuphumleni, Marselle and Klipfontein. Ndlambe is aware of who is doing this but refuses to take any action. Chester Wilmot has done great work in trying to tidy up the mess but as soon as he has done this more rubbish is deposited. We are trying to find a more sustainable solution to this this problem.

Court case

I don’t imagine that the Judge, when he passed down his ruling that when Ndlambe should shut down its illegal refuse dump that it would be years before they opened a new legal dump. This has resulted in the problem I have just discussed. In a subsequent court appearance the judge said he was not sure why this process was taking so long and encouraged Ndlambe to resolve the matter quickly. However he did not put pressure on them to resolve the issue of builders’ rubble. He has asked for another report back in 90 days and we will try and resolve it then if we haven’t already done so.

We have submitted our bill of costs and expect to get a refund shortly.

Chamber of Business

We work very well with the Chamber of Business and have supported a few of their initiatives. We sponsored the paths in the gardens in the main street and arranged for plants to be harvested in Salem. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nita Pollock and Shirley Usher for the wonderful work they and their team have done. 

We want to work more closely with the Chamber in order to avoid any duplication of effort.


Our security team have done sterling work to reduce crime in Kenton. This has been achieved by working closely with Hitec and the police. The team are available at all hours of the day or night and supervise the additional staff that we employ to be the eyes and ears of Hitec and the police. Despite having sent out a number of requests for contributions towards the costs of this effort we are struggling to collect what we need to keep the guards on the road for the whole holiday period. I urge you if you have not already done so to contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

Your committee 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your committee who put in a lot of time and effort to improve our facilities, for what they have done over the year. Rather than vote people on or off the committee will you allow us to thank those that leave and want to join the committee as and when the need arises?


While we are grateful for what we get in subscriptions, we are finding that we have to do more and more to support Ndlambe’s efforts. Some residents are putting their shoulder to the wheel. These include the gardening team and members of the public who help with the gardens, repairing walls and moving sand from car parks. Unfortunately we need more to make a real impact. We have just increased the annual levy to R400 and I am keen to gauge what you think is a reasonable annual levy?

We are also trying to increase the number of Kenton homeowners that are members of Kosra.

Community Trust Fund

I was asked whether we would create a better and safer society if we did more in the community. I explained that there were a number of initiatives to uplift the community. These include:

  1. Rotary:
    1. Contribute to a soup kitchen;
    2. Protecting the game in and around Kenton;
    3. Handing out presents to children over Christmas;
    4. Functions for the youth and the aged.
  2. Other organisations include Round Table, Hospice, Lions and SA Legion.
  3. Various people do things in their private capacity. These include:
    1. Supporting sport at the local school – Periwinkles has supported this;
    2. Helping with reading and support teaching
    3. Building a safe house.
    4. Providing veggie seeds 
    5. Putting jungle gyms in schools

When I mentioned all these initiatives to my guest said he was unaware of any of these projects. He would love to contribute to making our community an example of what can be achieved, not only in Kenton but throughout the country. I would like to put this to meeting to hear your thoughts.

Kosra’s approach to Ndlambe

As you know when we couldn’t persuade Ndlambe to provide basic services we took them to court over the dump, sewerage and communication. The Judge stopped just short of holding the various directors and Ndlambe in contempt of court in not dealing with these issues when ordered to do so by the court some years before. He also said that in order to ensure that Ndlambe did meet the requirements of the court Ndlambe should report back to the Courts every three months.

Some people are questioning whether we should be continuing to apply pressure on Ndlambe to meet the orders of the court. I am of the view that we should not take our foot off the peddle until the whole job is complete. I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.


In closing I would like to thank;

  1. Your committee for their service during the year;
  2. You for your continued membership;
  3. Ndlambe for what they have done.

We wish you all a safe and festive season.

Thank you

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