Dolphin Coast Nursing Home

A retirement home that offers frail care, midcare and assisted living - registered as a frail care home.

Peace of mind – this is what Dolphin Coast Nursing Home is about.
Leave the care of your family member in our hands. No more worries!
Professional nursing care set in homely surroundings with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean spacious rooms, tasty and nutritious meals, social activities and companionship in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.

Let your family member spend their retirement years in a great and secure environment.


Our Staff

Our staff is what makes Dolphin Coast Nursing Home special.
Dolphin Coast Nursing Home is managed by Sister Moira Bayley (Nurse Manager - left) and Carolyn Roberts (Facilities Manager - right).


Moira commenced nursing in 1968. Her experience was mainly through working in hospitals and clinics for 20 years, abroad, gaining experience in management and different fields of nursing. On her return to South-Africa she has continued in a management role, running her own business for 12 years and running a large Nursery School in Sandton, responsible for the medical wellbeing of all who attended.

Carolyn is knowledgeable, confident and communicative but most importantly she is warm and caring towards our residents. Pictures of Moira & Carolyn

They are assisted by a number of equally dedicated and experienced sisters and home carer’s.
You will, no doubt, meet them all, but here are some of them:


The Nursing Care

care1 At Dolphin Coast Nursing Home we practice “pro-active nursing”. This means that we do all we can to prevent illnesses or accidents from happening. We achieve this by monitoring closely the condition of all of our residents. Picture of frail care unit.

What we offer:
Dolphin Coast Nursing Home offers three types of care:

  • Midcare also known as Assisted Living
  • Semi-frail
  • Frail




Midcare residents are generally in their late 70's...early 80's. They are still independent and have been living on their own. They no longer wish or are no longer capable of living alone and decide to retire to a retirement home where everything is handled for them: the nursing care, meals, laundry, social activities, etc.




Our semi-frailcare section is ideal for those residents that are mentally coherent but require some care. Accommodation is in single rooms with bathrooms en-suite. All semi-frail rooms have the same luxuries and comforts of our midcare rooms, but with the advantage of additional nursing care.

Our semifrail section is ideal for stroke patients, people suffering from Parkinson's disease or COPD/emphysema sufferers.




Our frail care is suitable for people who require constant supervisiob and care. Residents are either physically and/or mentally frail.